gallianoswhore: "You did an amazing job, i loved everything you posted x"

Thank you so much, I’m really glad that you enjoyed it. xo


Update IV

I’m genuinely starting to get upset about the prospect of having to tear myself away from SHOWstudio. It’s begun to feel like home here and it’s been such an incredible journey for me. I’m a little stunned by the sinking feeling in my stomach that is refusing to go away.

michaelsdiary: "Going to miss you Felice, you have great aesthetic taste. Hope you can come back!"

Thank you so much, I’m definitely going to miss it here. I’m sure Nick knows that I’d jump at the chance to be involved again!

phonedazed: "WOW! Everything you have posted is astounding! You've done an excellent job of curating :)"

Thank you kindly! :)


Grand Finale

It is my last day curating for SHOWstudio, so I will begin releasing the images from the exclusive photoshoot I did this week. I’ve had a wonderful time here and the audience is fantastic. All my love to you.