dyaphanum: "I don't want your curation to end. This is most soft, sensitive, fragile but also strong curation I've seen on SHOWstudio."

but it’s going to! in just 4 images :( but thankyou for the compliments and kind words, they mean an awful lot. honestly.

funeraire: "ugh feef I'm so sad to see your curation is almost ending, it's been so wondrous and I've loved every bit of it - going through the entire body of what you've posted is something I've done every day of the week, it's the most delicate experience. the pictures enhance each other so beautifully and still always subtly, it is such a joy to see. I'm happy you were given this opportunity because it's made for a very aesthetically fulfilling week; truly a gem. ♡♡♡"

hey beeb, i don’t really have the words to say how thankful i am for this message. its really lovely, and im so happy you’ve found it beautiful and a joy to see! you’ll just have to make do with me again on my own tumblr now, heh. thankyou Frances! ♥