thesaddestpartofmybodyismymouth: "Laura, thank you so much for this week. I love you with all my heart."

Thank you - I love you more my baby pohoto <3

haupium: "Thank you for this inspiring and beautiful week of curation, Laura! I wholeheartedly enjoyed it - as everyone else, I'm sure."

Thank you! - I’m glad you did x

ejakulation: "EXCELLENT JOB, well done!!"

Thank you!

t-ii: "Your curation as been really lovely, Laura. Full of quiet beauty, in a way a reflection of your own personal beauty."

That’s really sweet, thank you :)

deprincessed: "every thing you've posted has just been so perfect, it's great."

Thank you!

dacryphilie: "I've been following you on verluste for a long time and always loved you and what you've done but Laura, I swear, this exceeds everything. As a whole and piece to piece, it's completely and utterly perfect. I'm so sad this is your last day :("

Your message almost brought tears into my eyes - this is so sweet! I am sad as well, I love SHOWstudio. Thank you so much for saying this.