haupium: "Now that your curation is almost over, I want to thank you for a great week, Leo! I loved how your GIF's reminded us that we have to take a moment to see, grasp and appreciate beauty; especially now with fashion's blink-and-it's-gone pace. You did a magnificent job!"

Chris! I should be the one thanking you for following the curation and for your support. I deeply appreciate it. What you said was my purpose here and I am very happy that I achieved it. Thank you once more!  

nesmrtnost: "i was anxiously waiting to see your work until the last day before i said anything, and i'm really glad that i did because your curation was absolutely incredible from the start to the end and i honestly hope that you'll return again to bless us with such phenomenal work, so thank you for this incredible week. x"

And thank you for your kind words and for watching!